Welcome to Bluey’s Magical World

This is a book full of challenges for Bluey and his friends.   He has to rescue his Dad from the clutches of the evil Count Dragu in far off Transylvania.  Only by enlisting the help of some powerful magicians and their special  magic spells can Bluey take on the task.  

As you read the book a wonderful world of Dragon Spiders, Gooberberry slices, goblins, shapeshifters and Snark hunts unfolds. 

I look forward to reading your comments and questions.

Ken Mackay

4 Replies to “Welcome to Bluey’s Magical World”

    1. Thanks for your positive comment. I am now working on book two – Bluey will be in China on a dangerous mission. The first book is now available as a paperback on Amazons German website. Cheers, Ken

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