Bluey’s new adventures

Starting now all new stories about Bluey’s magical adventures will be posted on Instagram. Information about his current book can be found on Amazon or on his Facebook page.

Bluey’s Magical Adventures is now Available as Paperback Internationally

Exciting news! Bluey’s Magical Adventures is now available as a Paperback on Amazon USA; France; Germany; Italy; Spain and Japan.

The formatting for international markets has taken many months due to the number of magical colored illustrations that drift onto and off various pages. So finally, the book can be purchased in each of these markets by anyone who wants to give the book as a gift or just for those readers who love fully illustrated dragon fantasy fiction.

Bluey’s Magical Adventures is also available on Kindle or similar devices in each of those markets plus via Amazons lending library in India and China

A New Review

Bluey’s Magical Adventure – a book review by Amelia, Sam, and George who live in France:

“Here are our impressions.
The book cover is beautiful and really makes you want to read the story!!
We have noticed your beautiful illustrations, they are amazing and make the story live!
The story line is great, the characters are inspiring, and the adventures are magical!!!

Your ability to describe the adventures and all the characters is amazing and very detailed. We loved our characters and felt they reflected our personalities which was very clever of you.  (Authors note – in the book Amelia is Melie dragon, Sam is her singing dragon spider and George is a mischievous shapeshifting goblin)

Amelia’s favorite concept was the dragon mail.

Sam’s favorite part of the book: The rescue of Papa Smok.

George’s favorite part of the book was when Barry came back to life.”

New Review from Jeremy in Canbera

This book is about a little dragon named Bluey, who goes on an adventure to rescue his family and defeat the evil dragon. This book is set in Tasmania – it’s nice to read a book set in Australia.

I liked all of the characters, especially Uncle Chin, because they used teamwork to do good things. It was well written because it was easy to read and had interesting descriptions. I really liked the illustrations – they were amazingly drawn. They helped to visualise what was going on in the story. The plot had lots of exciting twists and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

I wish that the book was longer; I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want it to end. I would love to know more about the world and the creatures that live there.

I think this book is suitable for ages five to fourteen – it is gentle and suitable enough to read to younger children but it is still exciting enough for young teens. I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy, adventure, and also people who like animals. I am really glad I got to read it.

New Review

Sam aged 9.5 yrs has sent me this review of Bluey:

“Therese and I read ‘Blueys Magical Adventure’ over the Christmas holiday’. We loved it and really enjoyed the unusual friends that Bluey has.  I couldn’t pick a favourite as I liked them all. I love magic and the things everyone could do in the book were amazing. Thank you for writing Bluey and I loved the drawings. I hope there is another book about Bluey”. 

Successful book launches have now been held in Canberra and Launceston. Each one saw an enthusiastic crowd attend which resulted in good book sales.  Paperchain in Canberra now stocks the book as does Petrarch’s and Fullers in Tasmania.  On line sales via Amazon are also picking up as the word gets out the Bluey’s Magical Adventure is attracting an audience from 6 to 96 years old.  

Next launch is tomorrow at the St Helen’s History Room among their dragons.  It should be a lot of fun as Mrs. P. Hamster is making a surprise appearance.  

A New Book Review by Rosa, from Tasmania:

Congratulations to you both it is plain wonderful and the artwork so engaging.  Definitely a book for adults too! You are very clever. I’m sure it will become a Tasmanian and Australian ‘Classic’. It is a wonderful addition to Tasmanian life and the arts and how beautiful for all children. 


Welcome to Bluey’s Magical World

This is a book full of challenges for Bluey and his friends.   He has to rescue his Dad from the clutches of the evil Count Dragu in far off Transylvania.  Only by enlisting the help of some powerful magicians and their special  magic spells can Bluey take on the task.  

As you read the book a wonderful world of Dragon Spiders, Gooberberry slices, goblins, shapeshifters and Snark hunts unfolds. 

I look forward to reading your comments and questions.

Ken Mackay