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Bluey’s Magical Adventure – a book review by Amelia, Sam, and George who live in France:

“Here are our impressions.
The book cover is beautiful and really makes you want to read the story!!
We have noticed your beautiful illustrations, they are amazing and make the story live!
The story line is great, the characters are inspiring, and the adventures are magical!!!

Your ability to describe the adventures and all the characters is amazing and very detailed. We loved our characters and felt they reflected our personalities which was very clever of you.  (Authors note – in the book Amelia is Melie dragon, Sam is her singing dragon spider and George is a mischievous shapeshifting goblin)

Amelia’s favorite concept was the dragon mail.

Sam’s favorite part of the book: The rescue of Papa Smok.

George’s favorite part of the book was when Barry came back to life.”

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